Hi there. We are Vale & Cony from Santiago, Chile. This is a Big Time Rush and Kogan blog. WE MET BTR ON FEBRUARY 15TH AND 16TH. /
We are so untouchable

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The saddest things in the world:

-people forgotten on their birthdays
-old people eating alone
-animals left behind by their humans

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014/100-Logan Henderson’s best photos

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goals in life;

  1. have a friend who becomes rich and famous or
  2. be that friend
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James & Hannah :)

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'We can’t find words big enough to express what James means to us,' gushed Hollie, holding back tears. 'He is so sincere and so genuine. He didn’t do it for the votes. He listened to her, he engaged with her and was face-to-face with her. And he was extra careful to make sure Lily was included. I don’t know how he stands up with that heart of gold in his chest.'
—Hannah’s mom on their weekend with James (via dedicatedtobtr)

Reblog if your icon is a fine piece of ass.

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